Make it a Team/Family Adventure! 

Texas is full of historic and fun points of interest!  Here are a few suggestions:
The sixth floor museum.jpg

Visit the museum or just tour the area around the grassy knoll.

pioneer plaza.jpg

An art installation in a downtown park.  Only a few blocks from the 6th Floor Museum.

rangers and cowboys.jpg

Arlington, TX is a short drive and home of the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Ranger.

stock yards.jpg

Stop for lunch or some souvenirs at the historic stockyards.

water garden.jpg

A great 30 min stop on the way to the Stockyard for lunch. Several amazing water features.

Hard 8 BBQ.jpg

Not only amazing food but quite the BBQ adventure your first time.  Many delicious choices, Come HUNGRY!

reunion tower.jpg

A spectacular 360-degree view of the city from 470 feet in the air.

Dallas Museum of Art.jpg

A collection of more than 24000 pieces of art from all cultures spanning over 5000 years.


Isn't it just a convenient store and gas station? NO WAY  Make sure you stop by and check it out